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Cavendish Legal Group is an 80-member team consisting of partners, solicitors, trainees, and support staff providing practical legal advice to both individuals and businesses. Their main office is located in Cavendish Square in central London; the firm operates four other offices across London and the Southeast.

Cavendish believes the combined experience of their team is what sets them apart from other law firms. Two members of the management team each have more than 20 years’ experience managing law firms, and Cavendish’s 11 partners bring together expertise from all areas of practice the firm deals with.

That experience allows them to quickly identify the needs of the individual client and provide a customised plan to meet those needs. The firm’s dedicated and innovative team members are able to provide the best service regardless of whether they are dealing with a private client or a business concern.

In addition, Cavendish Legal Group has a reputation for being experts in commercial and residential property. They offer two specialist business teams to assist both existing corporations and new start-ups. As with all the rest of their legal services, their business services are top notch in terms of quality, thoroughness, and commercial viability.

Areas of Practice

Cavendish Legal Group classifies their areas of practice under 10 different categories. Below is a list along with a description of what you might typically find with each one. In addition, the firm offers notary services for document verification. The signature of a UK notary public is recognised in most countries around the world.

  • Residential Conveyance – The conveyance of residential property in the UK is something that can start out simple but spiral out of control in terms of costs and requirements. Cavendish residential conveyance experts know how to complete the process while keeping things under control.
  • Lease Extensions and Collective Enfranchisement – Recent changes in the regulatory environment have opened up new opportunities for those who lease residential properties rather than owning their own. The firm can assist you in extending your lease while still taking advantage of the tax duty exemption. Groups of tenants in a single building can employ the firm to help them complete a collective enfranchisement deal.
  • Affordable Housing – The affordable housing experts on the Cavendish team pride themselves on working out the best possible solutions even in the midst of tight bureaucratic deadlines. For more than 20 years, the firm has been helping UK residents take advantage of affordable housing schemes for both buying and selling.
  • Family Law – In the area of family law, the firm knows that care and sensitivity in such delicate matters is necessary. They specialise in helping families in the midst of a breakdown solve both child-related and financial issues. They would be happy to help you deal with a separation agreement, divorce, injunctions, child residence disputes, prenuptial agreements, etc.
  • Wills and Probate – Unfortunately, far too many adults put off dealing with their eventual passing assuming they always have more time. However, proper planning is the key to making sure your loved ones are not left in a precarious position upon your passing. Cavendish is available to help you make a will, establishing lasting powers of attorney, and guide your loved ones as they make their way through probate.
  • Commercial Conveyancing – Acquiring property for business purposes is fraught with complexities not seen in residential conveyancing. Cavendish commercial conveyancing experts are fully knowledgeable in all areas of commercial property including leasing, sales and purchases, secured lending, corporate property finance, etc.
  • Company/Commercial – Starting, maintaining, and expanding a business in the modern era requires good legal representation and advice. New business owners can get help with franchising, regulatory compliance, and constitution issues. Existing businesses use the firm for partnership disputes, restructuring and reorganization, shareholder agreements, etc.
  • Employment Law – With more than 15 years of continuous experience, Cavendish is among the most well respected legal firms dealing with employment law. That is important considering the fact that this is one area of law that is continually evolving. Cavendish advises both employers and employees regarding things like discrimination claims, breach of contract, and maternity rights.
  • Recruitment Law – A special subset of employment law has to do with recruiting. Agencies involved in employee recruiting have a very specific set of rules they must adhere to in order to ensure fairness and above-board transactions. The recruitment law specialists at Cavendish are fully versed in every aspect of recruiting.
  • Litigation – Cavendish Legal Group represents clients in civil courts all across the UK. Their vast knowledge of civil litigation covers everything from property litigation to contract disputes to professional negligence. They are especially proud of the fact that their innovative solutions often make it possible to settle without going to court.

Cavendish offers most of their legal services with special attention given to clients who have interests in both Spain and the UK. Cross-border transactions involving commercial and residential property conveyances are a speciality for the Spanish Law team.

Contacting Cavendish Legal Group

For your convenience, we have listed the contact information for the firm’s head office in Central London. We encourage you to visit their website for contact information pertaining to their other four locations. If you would like to contact them via their website, they provide an online form you can quickly fill out and submit. A qualified team member will contact you as soon as possible.



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