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Devonshires Solicitors


Devonshires Solicitors is a well-known London law firm offering legal advice to major organisations and individuals alike. Some of their most well known clients include the cities of Anglia and Westminster, the London boroughs of Camden and Islington, and companies like the Bank of Scotland, Sodexo, and Stevenage Homes.

The firm prefers to house its 25 partners, 75 lawyers, 36 legal professionals, and full support staff under one roof as a means of effective team building and collaboration for the benefit of clients. They are committed to what they call a “not stuffy” approach that is both forward moving and amenable to building lasting relationships with those they represent. They also consider sustainability as part of their mission and responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

One of the things that set Devonshires Solicitors apart is their strong conviction of corporate social responsibilities (CSR). They go so far as to detail those responsibilities on their website for all to see. The firm believes they are responsible to contribute in five main areas: community, workplace, marketplace, environment, and charitable giving.

Their commitment to CSR can be easily seen in the community initiatives they are involved in and the charities to which they contribute. Among their many efforts, Devonshires Solicitors is currently a proud supporter of Teenage Cancer Trust, Action for Kids, and Theatre Royal Stratford East.

Areas of Practice

Devonshires Solicitors lists dozens of public entities and corporations among their clients. However, they also provide legal advice to individuals on a number of fronts. Being that the firm is so large and vast in scope, we are unable to list all of their areas of practice here, but here is an abbreviated list:

  • Finance – Banks and other lending institutions depend on sound legal advice when making complex deals. Devonshires is an expert in such deals with years of experience handling all types of large-scale financing. They are intimately familiar with corporate financing, private equity, charitable giving, and more.
  • Business Law – For businesses both large and small, the firm provides advice regarding contracts, international transactions, dealing with public entities, etc. Their aim is to make sure their business clients are making the right decisions at all times.
  • Employment Law – Employer/employee disputes can be anything from minor disagreements to very complex problems. Devonshires represents clients on both sides of the dispute, offering expert advice for fast and fair resolutions. Employment law covers everything from breach of fiduciary responsibility to redundancy.
  • Commercial Litigation – Commercial litigation does not need to destroy your business. With an expert solicitor from Devonshires, you can come out the other side and still be in a position of strength. The commercial litigation team has the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the finest representation.
  • Commercial Property – Businesses in need of legal advice when it comes to buying, selling, or leasing property will find what they are looking for with this firm. Expert commercial property solicitors help businesses assess their circumstances and then offer the best course of action.
  • Energy and Climate Change – The energy and climate change sectors provide great opportunities for new and expanding businesses. At the same time, they are regulated in ways with which other sectors are unfamiliar. The firm’s expert team is there to guide businesses as they make their way through government regulation.
  • Family Law – Devonshires Solicitors is not all about business and public sector law. They have several different teams devoted to individual needs, not the least of which is family law. The family law team focuses heavily on the financial aspects of relationships, offering advice in divorce, separation, asset division, prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements, and cohabitation agreements.
  • Medical Negligence – Receiving compensation as the victim of medical negligence can mean the difference between a productive life and spending your remaining years battling doctors and insurance companies. The medical negligence experts at Devonshires strive to defend victims and help them get the compensation they deserve.
  • Personal Injury – The firm handles all types of personal injury claims including workplace injuries and industrial illnesses, traffic accidents, slip and fall cases, defective product claims, etc.

Devonshires Solicitors offers so much more than what we have listed here. We encourage you to visit their website and become acquainted with all other areas of practice. For each area, they offer an easy-to-understand description. If you have a business or personal legal need, it is quite likely they can fill it.

Contacting Devonshires Solicitors

When you are ready to contact the firm, you have several choices. You can visit their website, fill out our online form, and wait for a solicitor to contact you directly. If you prefer, you can also call on the telephone or stop in for a personal visit at their London offices. Full contact information is listed below.

As a well-respected law firm, Devonshires Solicitors strives to give their business and individual clients the high quality service they deserve. Their practical, down-to-earth philosophy takes the fear out of legal advice by making each client feel well respected and at ease.


Devonshires Solicitors

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