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Druces LLP markets itself as a medium-sized city law firm preferring to do business mainly with clients in London. The firm does offer a range of private client services, but their main focus is on the commercial world with a special emphasis on the banking and financial sectors. That said, they also offer a unique set of specialist services as well.

Throughout the firm’s history, they have been guided by the principle of quality over quantity. Their expansion has been very slow and gradual, continuing today through mergers with other law firms. Druces is always looking for new opportunities to expand but they must be the right opportunities. This allows them to continue offering focused and quality legal services to their clients.

History of the Firm

Druces LLP traces its roots back to the original Druces & Attlee firm founded in 1767. Successive generations of the original partners have provided notable individuals like former Law Society Presidents Clarence Druces and Henry Attlee; Henry’s son Clement went on to be British Prime Minister from 1946 through 1951.

Today the firm comes highly recommended by Legal 500, an international legal directory including all of the top law firms around the world. Several of the firm’s partners are also recognised internationally as leaders in their areas of practice. When you work with Druces LLP, you are working with one of the most reputable and trusted firms in the UK. Each of the team members emphasises both personal relationships with clients and diligence in achieving the best results.

Areas of Practice

As previously stated, the core of Druces’ business centres around commercial clients involved in the banking and financial sectors. Nevertheless, their list of services also includes things like property law, litigation and dispute resolution, employment law, and private client services. The following is a consolidated list of the firm’s areas of practices:

  • Banking & Finance – Druces is considered one of the leading UK law firms for business financing. They advise both those providing the financing as well as those in need of it. Clients use the firm for advice regarding asset and property finance, acquisition and trade finance, debt restructuring, and even funding for shari’ah compliant construction projects.
  • Corporate & Commercial – Everything related to corporate and commercial transactions is the domain of the firm’s corporate and commercial team. They are the team you need for advice on mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, spin-outs, corporate restructuring, private equity investing, and more. They bring solid experience and sound advice to the table for their corporate and commercial clients.
  • Employment Law – In terms of employment, the law firm advises on both risk mitigation and settling disputes. To reduce the likelihood of employment disputes Druces aids clients with drafting employee contracts, publishing and updating employee manuals, terms and conditions of employment, etc. They provide advice and representation during disputes covering everything from contractual obligations to bias and discrimination claims.
  • Litigation & Dispute Resolution – For both commercial and private clients the firm provides advice, legal aid, and representation aimed at settling business-related disputes quickly and equitably. Such disputes may include business-to-business transactions, landlord/tenant disputes, and so on. The firm strives to avoid litigation when possible but is also ready to represent clients in County, High, and Crown Court.
  • Property Law – The Druces property law division offers comprehensive service regarding both residential and commercial properties. The team’s solicitors are recommended by Legal 500 as experts in their fields. They handle transactions as simple as residential conveyances and as complicated as multi-property commercial acquisitions and disposals.
  • Private Client Services – Druces’ private client services deal mainly with wills, probate, and estate planning for individuals as well as specialised advice for charitable organizations. They assist their private clients through the myriad of regulations and decision-making challenges in order to plan and protect financial assets.
  • Tax Law – The issue of taxes is the bane of existence for both businesses and individual investors. The firm’s tax law department is committed to helping clients understand tax issues and achieve the best financial position possible.
  • Corporate Restructuring – Whether a business is facing a restructuring, a turnaround scenario, or complete insolvency, Druces can help. The firm has a well-earned reputation for achieving the best possible outcome in delicate financial situations. Their services are available to all sorts of businesses including banks and trade creditors.

Within these defined areas of practice, Druces is known for various specialties. One example would be their expert advice for those involved in the restaurant, retail, and leisure sectors. For complete information about these specialty areas please visit the firm’s website using the link below.

Contacting Druces LLP

You may contact Druces LLP by sending them an e-mail, calling them on the telephone, or visiting their office directly. For your convenience, we have listed the contact information below. While on the firm’s website be sure to sign up to receive their free newsletter. The newsletter will keep you informed regarding all the happenings at the firm.


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