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Hanne & Co Solicitors


For over 120 years, Hanne & Co Solicitors has been providing legal services to individuals and businesses across the country and abroad. The firm places a lot of importance on individual client care and the integrity of their work. Those commitments have earned them a place of high respect among UK law firms.

Private practice clients feel right at home thanks to the firm’s philosophy that all should have access to quality legal services regardless their personal wealth or social standing. Business clients also appreciate the firm’s philosophy, knowing they will always get the best representation from a firm that knows the importance of maintaining a good name.

History of the Firm

Hanne & Co Solicitors was founded in 1898 by Thomas Herbert Hanne. Mr Hanne’s philosophy of affordable legal services for all made his early offices in Clapham and Battersea popular places. Hanne passed away in 1933, leaving trusted law clerk David Rappaport to control the firm.

In the 90 years since Mr Hanne’s passing, the firm has continued to grow and expand. In 1996, they consolidated both offices under one roof at Clapham Junction as a means of better serving clients. Between their partners, solicitors, trainees, and support staff, Hanne & Co Solicitors have the expertise, knowledge, and compassion to assist you in all of your legal needs.

Areas of Practice

The firm provides legal advice and representation to both individuals and businesses. Below is a list of each area of practice combined with a brief description. For more details, you can visit the firm’s website at your convenience.

  • Family and Divorce – Issues of divorce, separation, etc. are very sensitive ones for everyone involved. The expert solicitors from Hanne & Co know how delicate the issues can be and offer advice accordingly. Their family Law division prides itself on providing their clients both practical advice and quality care.
  • Child Care Law – In the area of child care law the firm advocates on behalf of parents, aunts and uncles, grandparents, and anyone else forced to deal with social services. They can represent affected parties at any level, including court proceedings — both planned and emergencies.
  • Conveyancing – Hanne & Co is proud to provide quality conveyancing services for both residential and commercial properties. Their qualified staff offers friendly and reliable service at a very affordable price.
  • Employment Law – Employers in the UK have a certain level of responsibility in maintaining proper relationships with employees. The Hanne & Co employment team represents individuals involved in employment disputes ranging from improper dismissals to discrimination.
  • Housing Disputes – When disputes arise between property owners and tenants they could lead to unpleasant circumstances. The firm provides expert advice to help settle disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Criminal Law and Fraud – Whether you are appearing in a magistrate’s court or being held in a police station awaiting charges, the criminal law team is available to assist you 24 hours a day.
  • Will, Probate, Trusts – Ensuring the end-of-life process goes smoothly is the focus of this department. Hanne & Co can handle all of your needs including will creation, setting up a trust, and guidance through probate.
  • Company Law – Hanne & Co offers expert legal advice to small and medium-sized businesses from the start-up stage and beyond. Their wide range of business services includes everything from creating contracts to making acquisitions.
  • Commercial Law – The commercial Law division is tasked with helping companies navigate complex areas of commercial law including IT and digital media management. Larger businesses are the primary focus of this division.
  • Commercial Property – Buying, selling, and leasing commercial property are just a few of the things handled by Hanne & Co’s commercial property division. They excel at helping landlords watch out for their own best interests while still being fair and equitable to tenants.
  • Employment Law – Just as the firm represents employees in disputes with their employers, they also represent company owners and management. A thorough knowledge of UK employment law is necessary to ensure your business is treated justly.

Hanne & Co Solicitors also provides notary public services to both individuals and businesses. A notary public is one who authenticates documents for business, government, and personal reasons. A notary public signature is valid in most countries around the world.

Contacting Hanne & Co. Solicitors

To get in touch with Hanne & Co you can visit their Clapham Junction offices, call them, or utilise their general information e-mail address provided below. If you have the name of the specific individual you need to contact you can look them up on the company website under the “our people” link. There you will find individual e-mail links.

Hanne & Co Solicitors has been providing England’s residents with quality legal services for more than 100 years. They stand ready to serve you if you are in need of their assistance.


Hanne & Co. Solicitors

St John’s Chambers

1C St John’s Hill

Clapham Junction

London, SW11 1TN

Telephone: +44 (020) 7228 0017

Email: info@hanne.co.uk