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Irwin Mitchell LLP Solicitors


Irwin Mitchell is not only one of the UK’s largest law firms; it is also one of the most respected. As a general practice firm, they provide expert solicitors for just about every area of law from personal injury to corporate law to real estate. With nine offices throughout the UK, they are able to quickly connect with clients.

On an international scale, Irwin Mitchell also offers their services through offices in Madrid and Malaga. Yet despite employing more than 2,300 people, the firm has never lost its personal touch or sacrificed the good of the client for the sake of size. Above all else, Irwin Mitchell is committed to offering clients an approachable and caring environment while operating on a firm foundation of integrity.

History of the Practice

Irwin Mitchell was founded in 1912 as a general practice firm in Sheffield. Walter Erwin Mitchell opened the practice with the commitment of providing the highest quality general law services to the general public. As the firm grew and expanded, partners were added and offices were opened.

Today Irwin Mitchell boasts more than 100 partners and annual turnover that ranks among the top 25 UK law firms. In August 2012, the firm became the first Alternative Business Structure (ABS) in the UK as well as the first multi-licensed ABS. To date they have assisted more than 1 million clients with their legal needs.

Areas of Practice

Being that Irwin Mitchell is such a large and far-reaching general practice firm, it would be nearly impossible for us to list their full range of services here. However, we have consolidated those services into a smaller group of practice areas, which are listed below. Included with each area is a brief description. For complete details, you are encouraged to visit the firm’s website.

The following is an overview of Irwin Mitchell’s areas of practice for individuals:

  • Family Law – This area of law deals with sensitive family issues like divorce, separation, and child custody. Such cases require a special kind of approach due to their nature. The firm’s expert and competent solicitors can help guide you through a range of issues including prenuptial agreement, cohabitation agreements, and more.
  • Estates, Wills, & Probate – End-of-life issues can be magnified without proper estate planning and will creation. Furthermore, executors often find themselves overwhelmed by a confusing probate process. Irwin Mitchell provides expert legal advice to help families navigate the waters when a loved one passes on.
  • Criminal Law – Being arrested and charged with a crime can be a very stressful experience, to say the least. With the proper representation, this firm provides you can focus on your defence and the potential litigation ahead. Irwin Mitchell services are available whether you have already been charged or you are still under investigation for potential charges.
  • Personal Injury – Your right to compensation following a personal injury needs to be defended by a competent solicitor. The personal injury services provided by this firm are just what you need after a traffic accident, school or workplace accident, or injuries sustained from a defective product. The firm includes medical negligence and industrial illnesses under this division as well.
  • Human Rights – Human rights issues, both at home and abroad, demand legal representation if justice is to be served. Irwin Mitchell has represented hundreds of clients over the years to ensure their civil rights are not trampled by businesses, government entities, or any other organisations.

The following is an overview of Irwin Mitchell’s areas of practice for business:

  • Commercial Litigation – When businesses find themselves in disputes with other businesses, the services of an experienced commercial litigator are necessary. The firm can help your business with any type of commercial litigation in which you might find yourself.
  • Property and Real Estate – The property and real estate issues businesses face are best handled by an Irwin Mitchell attorney. They are able to handle purchases, sales, lease arrangements, and so on.
  • Employment Law – Disputes between employers and employees are quite common and are best handled by a qualified solicitor. Irwin Mitchell takes on cases involving contractual obligations, redundancy, allegations of discrimination, etc.

Remember, this is an abbreviated list of the services that this firm offers. Keep in mind Irwin Mitchell also provides financial advice and dispute resolution services for both individuals and businesses.

Contacting Irwin Mitchell

If you are interested in retaining the services of Irwin Mitchell, we have listed contact information for all other offices below. You can also visit their website where you will find a free telephone number, and e-mail link, and a link to send an online form and request a call back.


Irwin Mitchell LLP



40 Holborn Viaduct
London, EC1N 2PZ

Telephone: 0870 1500 100

Fax: 0207 404 0208


Imperial House

31 Temple Street

Birmingham, B2 5DB

Telephone: 0870 1500 100

Fax: 0121 643 6021



Irwin Mitchell Solicitors
One Castlepark, Tower Hill

Bristol, BS2 0JA

Telephone: 0870 1500 100

Fax: 0845 609 9920



2 Wellington Place

Leeds, LS1 4BZ

Telephone: 0870 1500 100

Fax: 0113 234 3322


Leicester (Consulting Office)

Suite 122, 1st Floor, Gateway House
4 Penman Way, Grove Business Park


Leicester, LE19 1SY



Bauhaus, Rossetti Place
27 Quay Street

Manchester, M3 4AW

Telephone: 0870 1500 100

Fax: 0161 839 9804



Gainsborough House
34-40 Grey Street

Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 6AE

Telephone: 0870 1500 100

Fax: 0191 230 2478



Riverside East
2 Millsands

Sheffield, S3 8DT

Telephone: 0870 1500 100

Fax: 0114 275 3306



5th Floor
150 St Vincent Street

Glasgow, G2 5NE

Telephone: 0870 1500 100

Fax: 0141 300 4350



Irwin Mitchell Abogados
Calle Puerta del Mar 15, 2º

29005 Málaga


Telephone: (+34) 902 150 105

Fax: (+34) 952.214.416



Irwin Mitchell Abogados
Torre Picasso
Plaza Pablo Ruiz Picasso 1

11B, Madrid 28020


Telephone: (+34) 902 150 105

Fax: (+34) 917 704 762