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Lawclaim is a different kind of law firm offering specialised services in personal injury. What makes them so different is the fact that the firm’s founder and owner, Abdul Hafezi, has extensive experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants. This gives him the ability to see both sides of a personal injury claim and allows him to better formulate the proper strategy for the benefit of the client.

Although some law firms practice in many areas including personal injury, Lawclaim is dedicated to personal injury only. This single focus allows them to provide the best legal representation possible regardless of how personal injuries were sustained. Lawclaim prides itself on their open and transparent approach and their commitment to remaining a family-focused, family-oriented law firm.

History of the Practice

Mr Hafezi started Lawclaim in 2000 after 14 years as a partner in a well-established insurance firm. He was qualified as a solicitor in 1986. In the 13 years of owning his own practice, he and his team have established a reputation of going more than the extra mile to achieve the best settlement for clients. They are known for taking on, and succeeding in, cases other law firms dropped.

In the past, Mr Hafezi has been a member of The Forum for Insurance Lawyers and the Law Society’s Personal Injury Panel. He is currently a member of the London Solicitors Litigation Association (LSLA), Commercial Litigators Association (CLAN), and the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers. He welcomes your inquiry if you believe his approach is right for you.

Areas of Practice

As previously stated, Lawclaim focuses only on personal injury cases. All of their cases are handled on a no win, no fee basis for your protection. Should you win your case you will receive 100% of the settlement; your attorney and court fees are paid by the defendant.

Personal injury law is fairly large in scope, covering dozens of different types of accidents and injuries. Lawclaim breaks down these areas as follows:

  • Traffic Accidents – One of the leading causes of personal injuries in the UK are traffic accidents involving operators, passengers, and pedestrians. Lawclaim handles cases for motorcyclists, car and van owners, those who use public transport, and anyone else who might be involved in a traffic road accident.
  • Workplace Accidents and Illnesses – UK law directs employers to take an active interest in securing the health and well-being of their employees. If you are suffering from injuries sustained in a workplace accident, you may be entitled to some compensation from your employer. Lawclaim handles these cases along with those resulting from industrial-related illnesses.
  • Slips and Trips – Also known as “slip and fall” accidents, these types of occurrences can happen whether you are walking down the street or entering a shop. If your slip and trip was caused by the negligence of property owners, you may be entitled to compensation. Property owners are required to make sure the public is reasonably safe while on their premises.
  • Clinical Negligence – Clinical negligence claims are difficult to navigate due to the fact that most of the evidence relies heavily on medical records and opinions. Lawclaim is ready to represent you in cases of medical malpractice, hospital accidents, etc.
  • Fatal Accidents – Unfortunately, sometimes an accident results in a fatality. Lawclaim represent clients whose personal loss also has implications for loss of dependency, bereavement, and covering funeral expenses.
  • Dog Bites – Dog owners and handlers are responsible for keeping the public safe by ensuring their animals are always under control. If you suffer a dog bite, you may have a claim to compensate you for your injuries and any financial loss you may have incurred because of the incident.
  • Faulty Goods – Lawclaim understands consumers have a right to expect reasonable safety whenever they purchase consumer goods. When consumer goods are defective, it can result in personal injuries and financial losses. If you have found yourself in this position, you may be entitled to make a claim.
  • Crime Victim Compensation – Victims of violent crimes are sometimes eligible to claim compensation through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, if they meet certain qualifications. Lawclaim can help you decide if you have a worthwhile case and file the application if it is appropriate.
  • Insurance Company Disputes – It is not uncommon for disputes to arise between insurance companies and their customers. Lawclaim is happy to advise clients who find themselves in such disputes. When suitable, they will provide their services on a no win, no fee basis.

Contacting Lawclaim

It is easy to get in touch with Lawclaim to arrange for an initial consultation. You can visit their website to fill out their online form or, if you prefer, contact them via telephone or by visiting their offices at your convenience. Below you will find the appropriate contact information.

As a public service, their website includes a personal injury claim calculator. This tool will help you better understand what you might be entitled to depending on the type of injury you sustained. While this tool is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate, it will give you a good idea of the compensation you may be eligible to receive. After using the tool, you are encouraged to contact Lawclaim to discuss your case in greater detail.



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