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Maxwell Alves Solicitors is a small but very effective law firm located in the heart of Central London, very near most of the major courts. The firm prides itself on being able to work to city standards while still having an international reach that extends to parts of Asia, the Mediterranean, and South America.

The firm’s main focus deals with Asian and Latin American markets. They work heavily with clients in and from Cyprus, Brazil, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China. However, their international reach does not at all mitigate their service to clients in the UK. They offer the same legal advice and representation domestically as they do abroad.

History of the Firm

Maxwell Alves was established in 2003 with the goal of providing focused, bespoke legal services to both private clients and businesses. They have adopted an approach of keeping overhead low in order to provide services as inexpensively as possible. They are also more than willing to call on solicitors in other countries for assistance in meeting client needs.

The firm’s no-frills approach to legal services has earned them a reputation of being cost effective while at the same time highly successful. As you will see from the list below, Maxwell Alves is also unique in the combination of services they provide. If the legal advice you need does not fit well with another law firm, Maxwell Alves Solicitors may be the solution you are looking for.

Areas of Practice

Although Maxwell Alves Solicitors is committed to providing a wide variety of services to both corporate and private clients, they focus on ten core areas as listed below. If you have questions regarding their areas of practice, you may visit the firm’s website or contact their London office.

The firm’s core areas of practice are:

  • Corporate Law – Where corporate law is concerned, the firm provides advice to both domestic and international clients. Corporate law services include advice for international transactions, mergers and acquisitions, international trademark licensing, share and asset purchases, corporate financing, and more.
  • Commercial Law – The firm’s commercial law clients utilise Maxwell Alves for a variety of purposes beginning with company-to-company transactions involving supplies and support services. Maxwell Alves’ qualified solicitors also assist clients with drafting contracts, regulatory compliance issues, and cases involving commercial crime and fraud.
  • International Trade – Although some might not understand the scope, international trade is an area of law that is highly complex due to the nature of differing cultures, regulations, and legal systems. Maxwell Alves is recognized by several international bodies as one of the leading law firms for international trade. They assist clients with trademark licensing, joint venture development, importation of goods, and so much more.
  • Maritime – The Maritime Law division at Maxwell Alves is one that is both important and quickly expanding thanks to the efforts of its dedicated solicitors. Maritime disputes are part of this division’s activities along with construction disputes, offshore engineering questions, taxation issues, and maritime security.
  • Civil and Commercial Litigation – The area of civil and commercial litigation is growing both at home and abroad. Maxwell Alves’ attorneys are highly qualified and dedicated to making sure their clients achieve the best possible outcome in court. They specialise in cases involving cross-border transactions, supply contracts, partnership disputes, etc. If you prefer to attempt dispute resolution rather than litigation, they can advise you there as well.
  • Criminal Law – Maxwell Alves’ criminal Law division deals with cases primarily involving fraud, regulatory compliance, and questionable financial transactions. They represent both companies and individual professionals whether they are being investigated, they have already been charged, or they are facing penal or other disciplinary action.
  • Employment – The ever-changing laws surrounding employment in the UK are making it more difficult for companies to remain in compliance every day. Maxwell Alves advises businesses on employee rights and how to be proactive in avoiding disputes. Where disputes are unavoidable, the firm represents both employers and employees. They have a dedicated website focused solely on this one area of law.
  • Property – Both residential and commercial property are the domain of the firm’s property division. In a commercial setting, the firm advises on property acquisition and disposal, leasing, landlord and tenant disputes, and all areas regarding construction and development. Residential property services include standard conveyancing and leases.
  • Family – Maxwell Alves provides family law services such as prenuptial agreements, ancillary relief, help with child custody disputes, and other aspects of separation and divorce. Because of their international focus, they are able to provide these services in multinational jurisdictions.
  • Immigration – Maxwell Alves earned its reputation as immigration experts based on a 2005 case of immigration appeals. Since then they have gone on to build a very impressive record of handling everything from standard visa applications to business visas to detention and removal issues.

Contacting Maxwell Alves Solicitors

You may take advantage of the legal services offered by Maxwell Alves by contacting them using the information below. You will find that they are a no-frills law firm dedicated to giving you results-oriented legal advice. Their international experience may be especially helpful if your case involves multinational or cross-border issues.


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