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As a top 100 UK law firm, Penningtons Solicitors strives to be a forward thinking organization offering objectivity, clarity, and professionalism in meeting your personal and business legal needs. The 71-partner firm maintains its main office in London as well as offices in Cambridge, Basingstoke, Godalming, and Guildford.

To service clients as efficiently as possible, the firm divides self along three lines: business services, personal services, and real estate. Each division applies creativity, excellent communications, and a real desire to fully understand your legal needs so they can find creative solutions. The firm has a reputation throughout the UK for being able to handle some of the most complex problems other law firms turn away.

Penningtons also has a broad business and international focus, helping small businesses, large multinational corporations, non-profit organisations, and government entities in many different countries. The firm is currently a member of the European Law Group and Multilaw.

In addition to providing quality legal advice to their clients, Penningtons is also conscious of their corporate social responsibilities. The firm is a member of Law Works, a charitable organization providing pro bono legal advice to both individuals and groups with genuine financial need. Their charitable giving includes organisations like Help the Hospices, The Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice, Naomi House, and Jack’s Place.

Areas of Practice

Across their three divisions, Penningtons lists dozens of practice areas covering everything from litigation to conveyancing to personal injury. To make things less complicated, we have consolidated their services into more general practice areas as listed below. For full details, you are encouraged to visit the firm’s website or contact them directly.

Their business services include:

  • Commercial Services – Penningtons offers business clients a range of commercial services covering everything from contract creation to regulatory compliance. The commercial team is especially talented in the area of intellectual property rights, with extensive experience in copyright infringement, branding, and trademark protection.
  • Corporate and Taxes – Large corporations need extensive advice regarding things like mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, and taxation. The corporate team brings a depth of in-house experience to the table ensuring you always get the best possible legal advice according to your corporate circumstances.
  • Financing – The number of financing vehicles available to UK businesses is extensive. Penningtons has experience and knowledge in corporate lending, secured lending, private equity, etc.
  • Professional Regulation – It is imperative for UK businesses to make sure that they comply with all regulations at all times. The professional regulation team at Penningtons is committed to keeping abreast with all regulatory changes and representing clients before, during, and after litigation.
  • Employment Law – the firm offers professional and credible service in the area of employment disputes. Companies utilise their services for all sorts of disputes including discrimination, breach of fiduciary responsibility, wrongful termination claims, etc.
  • Travel Litigation – Travel-based companies and insurance providers are often targets of litigation in travel disputes. Penningtons has a dedicated travel litigation team focused solely on these types of clients.
  • Immigration – Immigration law is complex, especially as it pertains to businesses. With the help of a Penningtons solicitor, your company can make sure you do not run afoul of immigration law in your hiring practices. The firm also offers legal assistance to individuals seeking to immigrate to the UK.

Their real estate services include:

  • Residential Real Estate – Common residential real estate issues are no problem for Penningtons. They are ready to help you with your conveyancing, leasing issues, and sales and purchases.
  • Commercial Real Estate – As far as commercial real estate is concerned, the firm provides expertise in many areas including real estate investing, litigation, owner/tenant relations, real estate financing, and real estate taxation. Commercial real estate investors can really benefit from the advice offered by Penningtons.
  • Construction – Penningtons also offers legal advice and representation for companies involved in construction. They can advise you regarding construction laws, project and infrastructure issues, social housing, etc.

Their private services include:

  • Personal Injury – The list of personal services starts with personal injury advice. Regardless of whether you sustained your injury in a car crash, workplace accident, or because of medical negligence, the personal injury team at Penningtons can advise you about your right to compensation.
  • Family Law – Whether you are just beginning a new relationship or in the middle of a relationship breakdown, the caring and compassionate service provided by Penningtons is just what you need. Contact them for help with prenuptial and cohabitation agreements, child custody questions, separation or divorce, and asset division.
  • Employment – Workers who believe they have suffered unfair treatment or abuse at the hands of their employers have the legal right to seek compensation. Penningtons represents workers across the entire spectrum of employee/employer disputes.
  • Tax and Financial Planning – Penningtons is recognised as one of the leading tax and financial planning firms in the UK. They help countless numbers of private clients with trusts, wills, offshore finances, and tax and estate planning.

Contacting Penningtons Solicitors LLP

If you would like to contact the firm, you can visit their website and fill out their online form to request a direct call back. You can also use the information listed below to call their London office or visit in person. If you need contact information for their other four offices, it can all be found on their website.



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