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As a national law firm located in London, Prolegal Solicitors believes the successful practice of law depends on building long lasting client relationships. As such, those relationships are the centre of everything they do. They like to say the support and expertise they offer is always at your fingertips regardless of the issues you are dealing with.

From the firm’s Dysart Street office, they offer services across a broad range of practice areas. Whether you need representation on an individual basis or for your business, Prolegal offers a fresh new approach that is both efficient and results driven. The firm strives to empower its clients while also helping them to overcome.

History of the Practice

Prolegal Solicitors was established in 2004. The goal of the firm, which has remained the same over the years, is to provide a unique balance between personal service and exceptional legal advice. Each of the firm’s solicitors combines extensive experience and innovative ideas to provide the best outcome for clients.

Over the years, the firm has also developed a practice of charitable support as a means of fulfilling their social responsibilities. Prolegal Solicitors supports the Addenbrooke Charitable Trust, Headway, the Spinal Injuries Association, and the Child Brain Injury Trust.

Areas of Practice

Prolegal divides their practice into five main categories applicable to personal or business issues. Below you will find a list along with brief descriptions for your convenience. We encourage you to visit the firm’s website for more details regarding the services they offer. Their five main areas of practice are:

  • Employment Law – The employment law specialists at Prolegal Solicitors are fully versed in all matters concerning employer/employee relationships. They provide innovative and workable solutions for both sides of the employment equation in areas including contract disputes, discrimination, redundancy, etc. They provide the services at a lower cost than most would expect.
  • Family and Matrimonial – Prolegal knows family and matrimonial issues are very sensitive for everyone involved. Their expert solicitors provide service that is both discrete and financially affordable. Whether you are looking for advice that the formation or breakup of a relationship, the firm is here to serve you in any way they can. You may contact them for all sorts of family issues including separation and divorce, child custody, and asset division.
  • Personal Injury – In the area of personal injury, the firm is happy to represent you following a workplace accident, a traffic accident, and incidence of clinical malpractice, a diagnosis of industrial related illness, or any type of catastrophic injury. Their personal injury department offers unique specialities including military injuries, sports injuries, psychiatric issues, and more.
  • Professional Negligence – We often hear medical negligence discussed in terms of legal proceedings. However, Prolegal goes one step further, offering legal advice for professional negligence as well. This type of negligence can be committed by any number of professionals including accountants and financial advisers, insurance brokers, tax consultants, and even other solicitors. Prolegal prides themselves on holding their fellow professionals accountable.
  • Wealth Management – Protecting your personal wealth is important, both while you are young and as you grow older. Feel free to contact the firm for legal advice relating to asset protection, pensions, personal taxes, living wills, trusts, and estate administration and probate. They will walk you through your challenges every step of the way.

Contacting Prolegal Solicitors

Contacting Prolegal solicitors begins by visiting their website in order to become familiar with who they are and what they offer. For your initial consultation, you can contact a team member using the online form found on the website. When you submit this form, the firm will contact you directly.

If you prefer to call them, we have provided their telephone number below along with their address. Feel free to stop in to their London office for personal visit.

Regardless of your legal problems, Prolegal Solicitors wants you to know they are ready to build a personal relationship with you so they can help you overcome. You will find their approach to be a breath of fresh air in an environment that is often filled with fear and anxiety.


Prolegal Solicitors

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