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Since 1904 Royds Solicitors has been offering legal advice and representation to the country’s businesses, charitable organisations, and private citizens. Their London-based office is located very near St. John’s on Carter Lane. The firm operates a second office in Surrey.

Royds has a staff consisting of 21 partners, 40 lawyers, and 15 support staff all striving to give their clients the highest quality legal help possible. The firm is active both domestically and internationally, having a large client list spanning Europe, the United States, Asia, and the Middle East.

A Different Client Relationship

At Royds Solicitors, they see their clients a little bit differently. Rather than just working on a formal business relationship, the firm’s lawyers take an active interest in each client’s business or organisational activity to the extent that they immerse themselves in learning everything they can.

This translates into intimate knowledge of the particular business sector, the daily operations of the client’s business, and other aspects that help attorneys guarantee the client’s best interests are served. To say that Royds believes in establishing strong and long-lasting relationships is an understatement.

Their commitment to “looking after their clients,” as they put it, has earned them a reputation of being one of the most thorough law firms in the UK. The Royds name is one that is trusted by clients all over the world.

Areas of Practice

The firm practices across multiple areas ranging from family to corporate to international law. Moreover, although they list specific sectors of business as being specialities they encourage potential new clients to contact them even if their particular sector is not part of the official list. Royds will do everything within its power to help wherever they can.

Royds list of services include:

  • Family Law – When individuals begin a new relationship, it is hoped that that relationship will last. To help make that possible the firm can advise regarding pre-nuptial and cohabitation agreements that include individual and combined property. Should a relationship break down, they are able to advise clients regarding maintenance and financial issues, asset distribution, and divorce. Inheritance claims and international issues round out the family law division.
  • Private Client Services – The firm’s private client team advice on a number of topics, mainly centred on finances, estates, and end-of-life issues. They are able to assist you in making a will, establishing lasting powers of attorney, creating a trust, and tax and estate planning. Upon your passing, a trusted Royds solicitor can guide your family through the arduous and often confusing process of probate.
  • Residential Property – Whether you are a homeowner or a renter, Royds has services you might find valuable. Renters can get help with lease extensions and group enfranchisement deals while owners and buyers can tap the firm’s expertise for conveyancing, buying and selling, and leasing to tenants.
  • Employment – The Way Royds approaches employment law is different from most other firms. Rather than waiting for a dispute to arrive, the firm’s lawyers learn everything they can about a particular business so they can keep abreast of evolving employment laws. They advise clients with the intent of heading off disputes before they happen. If a dispute does arise, appropriate legal device is proffered.
  • Regulatory and Compliance – Royds offers a full range of expert services dealing with all sorts of regulatory and compliance issues. Although they can help businesses of any size and scope, the team has a special focus on banks and other financial institutions.
  • Corporate and Commercial – Businesses of all sizes need competent legal advice to ensure the interest of the company is advanced. They advise small, family run businesses as well as limited liability partnerships, corporations, and businesses with an international reach. They are experts in mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures.
  • Commercial Property – Acquiring or disposing of property is a bit more complicated for commercial enterprises than for a residential client. Royds advises on landlord/tenant issues, commercial property conveyancing, environmental concerns, and more.
  • Intellectual Property – Disputes involving intellectual property rights are becoming ever more common in UK courts. The dawn of the Internet age and digital media has seen to that. Royds intellectual property division knows the law and keeps abreast of changes. They can advise you regarding copyrights, trademarks, branding, and a host of other intellectual property issues.

In addition to all of their standard services, the firm also offers dispute resolution. Their qualified solicitors and counsellors work on your behalf to find a workable solution that lets you avoid costly and time-consuming litigation. The key to successful dispute resolution is a combination of creativity and knowing the client. Since Royds excels in both they enjoy a very successful good reputation for dispute resolution.

Contacting Royds Solicitors

If you are interested in the services Royds Solicitors offers, you may contact them in one of three ways. First is to use the e-mail link provided below to send a message. Second, you can call on the telephone. Third, you can visit their London offices in person using the address below.

Regardless of how you contact them, Royds will be more than willing to work with you and offer you any help they can. They have been in business for more than 100 years so you know they are a well-trusted name among the finest law firms in London.



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