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With every passing day, technology is becoming more a part of everything we do. In the area of law and solicitors, this is certainly true. That’s why Saracens Solicitors Ltd was originally formed. To combine the old-fashioned ideals of integrity, hard work, and diligence with modern technology is to provide high quality and up-to-date legal services.

The firm prides itself on utilising all of the modern tools available to make sure clients get the best advice and representation possible. Every one of their solicitors and staff members is carefully screened to make sure they possess the qualities needed to serve clients; qualities like passion, diligence, and tremendous legal skill.

The Firm’s Commitment to Excellence

When you visit the firm’s website, you will notice they do not take a lot of space talking about the history of the firm. Not that this is not important, but Saracens Solicitors would rather focus on the present and their commitment to excellence. The commitment begins in the office and extends to both their clients and the community at large.

Saracens solicitors continue to strive to be good community members interested in the well-being of all they come in contact with. They also firmly believe in minimizing their impact on the environment. For their commitment to excellence and corporate social responsibility, the firm was awarded Lexcel accreditation in 2010. They are committed to upholding the high standards they have set for themselves well into the future.

Areas of Practice

Saracens Solicitors classifies their clients under three categories: private, corporate, and international. Within each of these, they offer a variety of areas of practice. Below is a list for your convenience. Keep in mind that some may overlap depending on your particular circumstances.

  • Divorce and Family Law – The divorce and family law services the firm provides focus on forming new relationships and setting aside old ones. They are experts with prenuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements, separation and divorce, child custody questions, and domestic violence issues.
  • Estate Planning, Wills, and Probate – Planning for your eventual passing is important so you do not leave your loved ones in a precarious position. Saracens Solicitors can help you establish your will, protect your assets, help you with tax and estate planning, establish powers of attorney, and assist your executor through probate.
  • Civil and Criminal Litigation – Both civil and criminal litigation can be a nightmare you do not want to face alone. Whether you are charged with a crime or facing a civil lawsuit, an expert solicitor from Saracens Solicitors is there help you. In civil matters, they will represent you in both High and County Court while in criminal matters that are at your side from the time of arrest through your appearance in Magistrates or Crown Court.
  • Residential Conveyancing – The best way to make sure your conveyancing is done right is to bring in an experienced solicitor. Saracens offers residential conveyancing services that are both affordable and reliable.
  • Personal Injury – If you have been injured in a car crash, a workplace accident, or through the carelessness or negligence of someone else, Saracens Solicitors wants you know you may have the right to a compensation claim. The firm handles all sorts of personal injuries regardless of how they were sustained.
  • Immigration – Those immigrating to the UK need the assistance of a solicitor intimately familiar with immigration law and how it applies to individual circumstances. You will find the experts at Saracens Solicitors are well equipped to handle your immigration needs.
  • Commercial Law – The area of commercial law deals with things like mergers and acquisitions, share sales, and property acquisition. When legalities need to be worked out among businesses, the commercial law team at Saracens is ready to tackle the job.
  • Commercial Litigation – There are times when businesses are unable to amicably settle disputes. In those cases, you need the services of this firm in order to work out an equitable solution. Regardless of the type of commercial litigation you find yourself involved in the firm’s commercial litigation team can help.
  • Employment Law – Companies finding themselves in disputes with current or former employees are the types of clients with which Saracens Solicitors’ employment law team works. They will represent your company in contract disputes, wrongful termination claims, discrimination accusations, and so on.
  • Corporate Crime – Although we do not like to talk about corporate crime, it is a real issue in the UK. Saracens Solicitors has a dedicated corporate crime team able to adequately represent you or your company if you are facing corporate criminal charges. The team can also advise your company about how to reduce your risk of becoming victims of corporate crime.
  • International Law – Saracens Solicitors has developed peer and client relationships in various countries around the world. Whether an international issue involves immigration, business transactions, or property acquisitions the international team is the Saracens team you want to talk with.

Contacting Saracens Solicitors Ltd

If you would like to contact the firm and request a personal callback, you can simply visit their website and look at the bottom of most pages. There is a short callback request form you can fill out and submit instantly. If you would rather send a more detailed message, their “content” page also offers an online form for that purpose.

Clients who wish to call on the telephone or make an in-person visit to their London offices can find appropriate information below. Regardless of how you choose to get in touch with them, Saracens Solicitors Ltd is ready to put their modern, technology-driven approach to work for you.


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