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Leigh Day & Co Solicitors

If you are in need of a highly distinctive law firm willing to take on challenges other firms would shy away from, Leigh Day & Co. maybe just solicitors you are looking for. They have more than 25 years’ experience representing clients in a number of areas including personal injuries, brain and spinal cord injuries, clinical negligence, defective consumer products and goods, asbestos exposure, industrial accidents and illnesses, and traffic accidents. They are also experts in human rights law, having represented multiple individuals in their fight against government agencies, corporations, and other organisations.

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Osbornes Solicitors LLP Solicitors

Since 1973, Osbornes Solicitors has been offering exemplary legal services from their offices in Camden Town. They excel at taking the time to listen and thoroughly understand the client’s case from every aspect. They represent clients for personal injury, family law, general property transactions, property litigation, social welfare, and wills, estates, and probate. Their personal injury division operates on a no-win, no-fee basis. Their social welfare division handles cases having to do with housing neglect and welfare benefits disputes. If you are looking for a compassionate and respectful approach to handling legal issues, you should definitely contact Osbornes Solicitors.

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Goodge Law Solicitors

Medical negligence and personal injury are two of the specialities offered by Newham-based Goodge Law. The 12-year-old firm is headed by a duo of senior partners providing high quality legal advice and representation across a variety of areas. The firm’s areas of practice are property law for both residential and commercial properties, business litigation, personal injury, and employment disputes. For families, the firm provides private client services dealing with sensitive issues like divorce and separation, prenuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements, wills and probate, and powers of attorney. Goodge Law is a modern firm adopting a forward-thinking and progressive approach.

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Established as personal injury specialists in 2000, Lawclaim offers a different kind of legal practice. The firm’s owner and founder has experience defending both parties in personal injury, enabling him to look at a case from every angle. The firm’s areas of practice include traffic accidents, “slip and trip” accidents, dog bites, workplace accidents and industrial illnesses, clinical negligence, crime victim compensation, defective products, fatal accidents, and insurance disputes. All of their cases, except for insurance disputes and crime victim compensation, are handled on a no-win, no-fee basis.

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Rollingsons Solicitors Ltd

Well-known as a results-driven law firm, Rollingsons Solicitors Ltd. has been working with clients from their London offices since 1996. The 50 member firm believes in developing excellent client relationships in order to provide the most personalized service possible. You may contact the firm for help in cases involving residential conveyancing, family law, personal injury, employment law, tax and estate planning, wills and probate, commercial litigation, corporate law, and intellectual property protection. Whether you need advice for yourself or your business, one of Rollingsons’ expert solicitors is at your immediate disposal. The firm has two offices in central London.

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Prolegal Limited Solicitors

At Prolegal Solicitors in London, the staff is focused on more than just winning your case. They want to help you overcome your challenges and get on with your life. In order to do so the team strives to always offer a perfect balance between expert legal advice and exceptional personal service. Their areas of practice include employment law for both employer and worker, family and matrimonial concerns, professional negligence, personal injury, and wealth management. In the area of wealth management, they help clients with estate and tax planning, pensions, living wills, and more.

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Ambrose Appelbe Solicitors

Since 1935, Ambrose Appelbe has offered distinguished and quality legal services to England’s high net-worth individuals. Their areas of practice include family law, personal client services, land and property representation, and private client services. In the area of family law, the firm has adopted a compassionate and pragmatic approach that takes into account the sensitive nature of the cases at hand. As for their dispute resolution service, Ambrose Appelbe looks at all avenues for settling disagreements in order to avoid litigation when possible. If you need trusted and legal advice from a firm with more than 75 years’ experience, give Ambrose Appelbe a call.

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Irwin Mitchell LLP Solicitors

Irwin Mitchell LLP is one of the most well known names among UK solicitors. Their general law practice boasts 11 branches in the UK and Spain, offering legal services to both individuals and businesses. Their areas of practice include family law, employment law, personal injury, land and property, wills and probate, human rights, medical negligence, intellectual property rights, and much, much more. They also offer dispute resolution and financial advice including investing. Their size and scope make them one of the top law firms in the UK.

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Devonshires Solicitors

London-based Devonshires Solicitors is a 25-partner firm with an additional 75 lawyers and 36 legal professionals. The majority of their clients are public entities and corporations, although they do offer a full range of services to individuals as well. You might consider Devonshires for legal advice in the areas of corporate litigation, commercial property, employment law, corporate lending, family law, personal injury, and medical negligence. The firm is organised according to individual teams specialising in certain areas of practice. They welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your case.

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Hanne & Co Solicitors

As one of the older law firms in the UK, Hanne & Co Solicitors has built their firm on the founding philosophy that quality legal advice should be accessible to all, regardless of financial or social standing. Their services to individuals include family and divorce advice, childcare issues, housing disputes, employment disputes, probate, and conveyancing. Business clients can use the firm for help with company law, commercial law, commercial property, and employment disputes. The firm was previously known as HCL Hanne & Co.

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Saracens Solicitors Ltd

If you were to combine old-fashioned business principles with modern technology in a London-based law firm, the result would be Saracens Solicitors Ltd. Their approach combining both old and new is a breath of fresh air in an industry that can be intimidating to some. Saracens Solicitors represents both individuals and businesses across the spectrum of areas of practice including family law, criminal proceedings, civil litigation, corporate law, corporate litigation, immigration, international issues, and more. For full details of everything they offer, you are encouraged to visit their website.

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Cavendish Legal Group Solicitors

The Cavendish Legal Group is a London-based law firm with five offices serving most portions of the city. They represent both domestic and international clients across a variety of legal areas including residential and commercial property, employment law, civil litigation, family law, and commercial law. The firm prides itself on its combination of experience and innovative solutions designed to protect the interests of the individual client. They custom tailor their services to the unique circumstances of each case. Complete information can be found on the firm’s website.

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Penningtons Solicitors LLP Solicitors

Penningtons Solicitors LLP is a leading UK law firm with a team of more than 360 members and a history dating back 300 years. They offer dozens of services across three divisions: business, real estate, and private services. The firm is committed to offering a forward thinking and objective approach that combines creativity and pragmatism in the perfect balance. Feel free to contact them if you need help with corporate litigation, real estate transactions, employment disputes, personal injuries, and family law questions.

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Royds Solicitors

Royds Solicitors has been providing quality legal advice to the UK and beyond since 1904. With more than 100 years of service, you know they are a law firm that can be trusted in every area of practice they undertake. The firm advises and represents business clients, not-for-profits, and private individuals, helping them with everything from property transactions to regulatory compliance. The firm’s main office is located in the City of London, near St. John’s; a second office is located in Surrey for your convenience.

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Maxwell Alves Solicitors

Although they are a small city-oriented law firm, Maxwell Alves Solicitors has a very impressive reputation for legal services on an international level. They have close ties with clients and law firms in Asia, South America, and across Europe. They are available to assist businesses and private individuals alike with everything from property issues to contract disputes to litigation. Some of the unique aspects this firm brings to the table certainly make them well worth looking into. Their London offices are located on Farringdon Road in Central London.

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Mishcon de Reya Solicitors

Mishcon de Reya is an award-winning London-based law firm offering legal advice and representation to both private and commercial clients. The firm is heavily focused on business, yet they provide a full range of personal services aimed at families, individuals, and family-run enterprises. They are happy to assist you with matters involving corporate law, residential and commercial real estate, family law issues, employment disputes, and dispute resolution. The 500-member firm is ready and waiting to start working on your case.

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Druces LLP Solicitors

For more than 200 years Druces LLP has been providing comprehensive and reliable legal services to London’s businesses and private residents. Although they are not as big as some other law firms in the city, their reputation is impressive. The firm is recognised as a leader in several areas including corporate finance, commercial real estate, and corporate restructuring. Individuals and charitable organisations in need of private client services are equally well served. You will find Druces located in the historic Salisbury House in Central London.

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Strain Keville LLP Solicitors

As a small, London-based law firm, Strain Keville Solicitors strives to make themselves available to both private and commercial clients across a wide variety of disciplines. The firm offers expert legal advice regarding residential and commercial property, corporate transactions, private disputes, commercial litigation and dispute resolution, and more. Strain Keville is a law firm with a single focus: to give every client personal and custom tailored legal service. You will find their office centrally located in London’s legal district, near both the courts and public transportation.

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