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Strain Keville Solicitors is a smaller law firm when compared to others, but that does not mean you get lower quality legal advice. Since 1974, their dedicated team has been offering straightforward, reliable, and trusted legal advice without the pressure sometimes brought to bear by larger firms. The solicitors and trainees at Strain Keville are committed to giving each client exactly what he or she wants rather than dictating what the firm thinks they can do for them.

The Strain Keville management team believes in providing client-oriented, results-driven legal advice custom tailored to individual needs. They do not offer “one-size-fits-all” solutions, knowing that circumstances differ from one case to the next. If nothing else, you can count on your solicitor to take the time to listen and fully understand your case before devising any particular course of action.

Furthermore, the firm believes in frankness and pragmatism. They will review the facts of the case, propose the various courses of action that can be taken, and explain the pros and cons of each choice. It is at the discretion of the client to choose the direction the case will go in.

The firm’s office is located on Newman Street in Central London, with easy access to public transportation. You are welcome to send them an e-mail using the link below, but be advised that their website state they do not accept service via e-mail. They insist on speaking with each client personally in order to ensure nothing is allowed to fall between the cracks.

Areas of Practice

Strain Keville Solicitors offers advice and representation in six core areas of practice. Within these six practices areas, the firm represents both private individuals and commercial clients, giving the quality advice and due diligence they deserve. Strain Keville’s areas of practice are:

  • Commercial – The commercial area involves all aspects of commercial law and financing for both small and large businesses. Among the types of cases the firm handles are things like debt management, starting or altering business structures, financing, banking relationships, and commercial property transactions.
  • Company – The firm’s company division is slightly different from the commercial division in that it handles business management oriented cases rather than commercial transactions. Management cases can involve new start-ups, company sales and acquisitions, and property management (both domestically and offshore). The firm also offers secretarial services to help their clients remain in compliance with paperwork and records.
  • Disputes and Litigation – Strain Keville provides competent advice and representation across a wide spectrum of disputes and litigation. Some of the more common types of things they handle would include professional disputes, property disputes, banking and financial issues, disputes with other solicitors, and wills and probate.
  • Property – Commercial clients use the firm to handle commercial property transactions involving single or multiple properties. That includes everything from conveyancing to financing. Individuals may take advantage of the firm’s residential conveyancing services along with non-standard sales and purchases. Both commercial and residential clients can get help with any issues surrounding leased property.
  • Employment – Workers in the UK have the right to expect fair and equitable treatment on the job at all times. On occasion, disputes will arise resulting from discrimination, harassment, redundancy, and improprieties of a superior. Strain Keville’s employment team will work on your behalf to settle your dispute with your employer.
  • Private Client – The private client services offered by Strain Keville focus on two major areas: end-of-life issues and private client disputes. In terms of the former, the firm offers advice on estate planning, asset protection, trust management, powers of attorney, and probate. For the latter you can get advice regarding any type of private dispute whether it involves another individual or a commercial enterprise.

As stated on the firm’s website, the categories listed above are very broad in nature. They recommend you contact them concerning any legal question that may fit under one of these categories. They will do everything in their power to assist you if they can.

Contacting Strain Keville LLP

Contacting Strain Keville Solicitors is as easy as sending an e-mail, calling their office, or stopping by to see them in person. To help you find them quickly and easily we have included their address and contact information below. You might also consider visiting their website to learn more about the firm and the services they offer.


Strain Keville LLP

34 Newman Street

London, W1T 1PZ

Telephone: 020 7323 5000

Fax: 020 7636 0111


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